A well- equipped auto mechanic has ingress to a car lift for entrance areas which are hard to reach if a car is on the surface of the ground. Aside from a bound mechanic, there are also mobile mechanics which allow the vehicle owner to be assisted even without the need for their car to be brought in the garage.

It is possible for an auto mechanic to be hire in other careers that can be associated in his chosen field. Some mechanics prefer to teach in school that offers trade courses. Some careers related to motor vehicles work are panel beater, body builder, motorcycle mechanic, and spray painter. In some advanced countries any certified trades-person could shift to any related trade course that he opt to engage in. it only means that they can be an apprentice or they will be working under the supervision of another certified trades-person. Repair of auto body requires minimal work with the greasy and oily components of vehicle however it involves too much exposure to course-grained dust from smooth bodywork and possible harmful chemical fumes either from paint or other products.

Same with the mechanics who are knowledgeable in terms of car, dealers and salesperson have to enhance their knowledge too. It is necessary that as a car mechanic, you must know the latest launching of cars together with the leading vehicle companies. There is a need for them to continuously study the modern technology engines and its work systems. Pit crews are specialized task for some mechanics in terms of motor racing. It is considered to be beautiful in television and movies, and it is distinguished in other parts of automotive industry. The work is quite difficult in pit crew in times of professional circuit racing. It is a stressful work and dangerous but is paid high. Higher level of skills is required in this job that’s why it is oftentimes perceived to be difficult.

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Bottom line                                                     

To be a mechanic is profession that requires passion, eagerness to learn the job, patience, and the right knowledge. If you opt to engage in this type of career, you have to be ready to get dirty and greasy. Though a tiring job, every sweat you’ll have will be paid by a reasonable amount of money. This type of career should not be taken for granted because can be very difficult for some who is not inclined with the profession.

There are several schools and programs that offer training for those who want to pursue competencies as technicians or automotive mechanics. The training areas included are repair and maintenance of automobile, collision repair, restoring and painting of automobile, electronics, heating and air-conditioning systems, and diesel and truck mechanics. NATEF or the National Tech Education Foundation is the authorized agency which takes the responsibility for evaluating the training programs for technician opposed standards broaden by the industry of automotive. It validates programs in four categories which are auto body, automotive, alternative fuels, and trucks. Listing of the secondary as well as the post-secondary school campuses that has validated programs on a certain website is also done by NATEF.

Although the law for mechanics does not require a mechanic to be certified or to a ASE passer, there are still several companies who are particular in hiring their employees wherein they only employ certified mechanics who had passed the systematized method of testing the skill and comprehension level. The fact that the change in automobile in terms of technology is growing very fast therefore there is a need for a mechanic to be prepared to master these new technologies and approaches.

The task of an auto mechanic is considered to be physically demanding wherein they are exposed to utmost temperatures, they also have to lift heavy equipment and objects, and there is also a need for them stay in a painful positions for long period of time. They also risk their health because of being exposed to gasoline, toxic chemicals, and asbestos. Most mechanics make use of technology, in which they gather information that could help them in repairing or diagnosing a car. Several advices and even service manuals can be drawn online therefore internet indeed plays a great role.

In North America, auto mechanic is popularly known as automotive technician. In British English, it is called car mechanic, and in Australian English an auto mechanic is referred to as motor mechanic. Whatever you may call them, their work are the same. Auto mechanics are said to be expert in almost all kinds of automobile makes whether in a particular area or in a particular make of a vehicle.

The main task of an auto mechanic is to quickly diagnose or recognize a certain car problem properly. Oftentimes, they already quote prices even before the actual start of the job or right after the inspection of the components of the vehicle. A part of their job is to repair or replace a certain part of an automobile. Maintenance of a vehicle is one of the underlying principles of a task of a mechanic in the newly industrialized countries.

Other car owners consult a mechanic when they had already noticed a signs of malfunction or failure in any part. Another task of an auto mechanic is the preventative maintenance which is quite difficult for cars which are not frequently maintained by an auto mechanic. One aspect of this which is misunderstood by most is the replacement schedule or several parts. Its main purpose is to prevent more damages which might be more expensive. This only means that the part should be replaced even before it is actually damaged that is why some car owners do not understand the importance of doing so.

The job of a mechanic has now developed from purely mechanic to incorporate electronic technology due to the quick advancement of the use of technology. Modern vehicles today hold electronic systems and computer systems that’s why there is a need for a mechanic to have wide foundation of knowledge than what they have in the past.

Due to the expanding complicated nature of modern technology that is now included in automobiles, most of private workshops and automotive dealerships provide advanced diagnostic computer to every technician, for they believe that without it they would not be able to do the task of a mechanic.